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Jean James

Before becoming a full-time writer Jean spent a good portion of her time working in wilderness areas. She collected live mammals and reptiles for US and foreign distribution, collected live venomous snakes for antivenom production, and labored on many wilderness construction projects. She’s also worked as a press agent, a song writer, and captained a small, leaky cabin cruiser. Her hobbies are boating, hunting, fishing, trapping, photography, swimming, inventing, building, archery, cooking, and organic gardening. She is the widow of WW2 veteran, William James, and the mother of six children.

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Mary James (aka Mean Mary)

Mary began life as a musical prodigy—could read music before she could read words and co-wrote original songs at age five. By age seven she was proficient on the guitar, banjo, and violin, and entertained audiences across the US with her vocal and instrumental skills. Since that time her life has been one long road show interspersed with TV, radio, and film work. She’s now the master of eleven instruments, is a prolific songwriter, novelist, and playwright, and is the spirited host of Nashville TV show, Mean Mary's Never Ending Street, where she brings music and pertinent “Americana” topics to an enthusiastic TV audience.” For the rest of the story

Frank James

Frank James, musician and actor, is a veteran of more than 500 live TV shows, over 3,700 road shows, and numerous films. He has spent half his life on stage and a good bit of the rest of it on the back of a horse as a wrangler, horse trainer, and performer. Interspersed elsewhere through his life he’s worked as a writer, stuntman, truck driver, web designer, carpenter, electrician, and a host of forgotten trades even he can’t remember.

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