Methinks I See Thee, Jane

Book 2 of the Pate and Faircloth series.

Before JANE PATE and REGINALD FAIRCLOTH can plan a more romantic future, they are besieged by guests from England. Reginald’s father, Wilbur, and Reginald’s old fiancée, Helen, at once take Reginald off Jane’s hands and into Helen’s arms.
Jane rides the back seat while these three moneyed individuals show her she must fight for her self-esteem. When she sets out to prove she can do more than catch snakes and write critter books, she discovers a far more vital matter awaiting proof. The plight of one missing homeless man turns into a shocking revelation of nursing homes full of victims and a doctor who will have wealth at any cost.
Her pride and her great exposé forgotten, Jane races to save the next victim. When Reginald finds Jane breaking into offices, cracking safes, and burying stolen money, he does the only thing one would expect from Reginald Faircloth. He plunges into the situation in his own reckless style and proves he has played this game before.
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